Yekpare / One Piece

Yekpare – Duration: 6 hours 43 minutes. – Suleymaniye Mosque – İstanbul

Performance, 2015

“I do not know the person standing in the same line,
standing next to me while I pray. Same thing happens when I go to any other mosque. Since when we
are like this? If we only know each other and stand side by side on the same line, would not it be

Yekpare has been realized between 13.17 – 20.00 at the outer court of Suleymaniye Mosque in İstanbul on July 11, 2015. Yekpare started with the noon ezan (noon prayer call) and finished at 20.00 (close to the evening ezan / prayer call). In this time span, I sat on a chair and sew different prayer rugs to each other. I did not communicate with any other person in this period. The performance was watched by local visitors of the mosque and tourists.

Yekpare Trailer is created by Murat Can Tura.

yekpare 1

yekpare 2

13.07.2015 Habertürk – Daily Newspaper.

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