8 hareketin kolajı

Play 1. Duration: 18 minutes. 2014

Performed at Studio Players’ stage as a thesis project for Sabancı University Visual Arts and Visual Communication Program

“…If a movement created with fabric is considered as sign of a language constructed on stage, the meaning I attribute to the movement can be read as signifier and the meanings emerging on the side of the audience can be regarded as signified. The existence of this relationship between the signifier and the signified is unquestionable, however because of its arbitrary nature every moment performed is also open to different interpretations. So I decided to use that arbitrary relation and wanted to discover how the movements with fabric bring new narratives on stage. In this process, I tried to make this abstraction with the movements and, on purpose, did not write any text qualifying the movements. The nonverbal quality of a movement, as it is freed from the subjugation of the text as Artaud claim, begun to open more doors for the audience…”


“…Then I tried to relate these poses, considering their interrelation: What happens if action A comes after action B? In that way, I created some arrangements with the poses. While creating these arrangements some of the pairs started to signify definite classes and people. One of them was a cleaning lady who wears Hijab. (the action of cleaning ground + wearing Hijab + sleeping one after the other) Another one was a waiter who is working hard and sleeping. (holding fabric like a waiter + sleeping). In the process, these arrangements were organically create the narrative of the play…”


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