Impossibility of Sujud

Impossibility of Sujud – Duration: 12 minutes – Sabancı University – İstanbul

IMG_7781 IMG_7837

Even out of my sight, I feel his thoughts, his anxiety and irremediable look. He is a father. Sitting on the prayer rug and trying to figure out how he can be a remedy for everything, or cannot. The credit card receipts, debts, payments and every little material obstacle hinders him away from his true appointment with God.

I’m a Muslim and an artist. For both, it is impossible to be insentient towards the reality flocking around.Floating thoughts concerning economical issues inseminates itself more than it should, then immersively the branches of this seeds restrain Muslim individual’s neck. Regardless to any social or economical class, day by day it becomes impossible for a Muslim individual to make Sujud with a total concentration, in our discourse; resignation. Consider this as a mere observation, but what I state here is; forehead on the ground but the mind is not there.

The performance Impossibility of Sujud* finds its base around this reality and criticizes the desire of the Muslims towards capital and also obsession of thinking issues related to capital. The performance emulates Sujud but without the real Sejdah. On the day of the performance, also the day of the conception of Prophet Muhammed, Sabancı University students heard the sound of Azan, precisely on 13.08, and encountered with a performer leaning his head to a long fabric tied up to the Sabancı University Center’s facade. During the performance, I, as the performer, tried to reach Sejdah but it was just an unsuccessful attempt unfortunately because of the fabric holding me back. Or it was not the fabric but an idea of a system?
*Impossibility of Sujud performed on the 24th of May 2012 at Sabancı University – İstanbul.


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