The Walk

The Walk – Performance – Duration: 2 hours 26 minutes

IMG_6010 IMG_6014 IMG_6021 IMG_6043 IMG_6045

The Walk, as a performance, is fictionalized to imply the relationship between an act can be simply named as walking and actually it is, and the space which is organized for encountering and playing. The walking defines the destination with its own slow rhytm. As the mimetic version of daily walking, walking inside of Bahane visualizes the connection of Arter located on İstiklal Street and Bahane located in Arter. Because of the spatial and fictional decisions, time goes slower in Bahane compared to real life. In this very point, all the ideological acquisitions obliges the walking act to be slower.

The only purpose of the walking is to realize itself, regarding to the quality of the term play proposing a space and a meaning in itself and having any other intention than itself. Sharing the process of this self creating act with the audience, now and here, gives reference to not only the severity of the process of progress in physic reality but also its slowness in ideological level. The form of the performance overlaps with Bahane’s vision of collective production and open meetings.


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